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With Niki Sue Mueller, Louise Sanseau, Sarah Kline, MJ Miller + Team

Dates 10/14 – 10/23 Module 1, 11/4 – 11/13 Module 2



Join us this fall for our Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training online, in person, or hybrid. This training works to unwind the nervous system, decrease triggers from the external realm, increase a deep sense of inner knowing, and connect us to our source of inner joy. The course is designed to create new neural pathways and shift negative thought patterns in order to begin to live a vibrant and happy life. This 200-hour course is broken into two 10-day intensives. Module 1 is co taught by Niki Sue and Louise. This module explores the various layers of the self through yogic philosophy and works to rewire the nervous system through rope wall and restorative practices. Module 2 is led by Sarah Kline and MJ Miller. This module explores the psychology and physiology behind breath, meditation, and restorative yoga as well as the power and benefits of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion. This 200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Training will teach you how to instruct gentle and mindful restorative, hot yin yang, rope wall, and meditation classes. The sequencing and instruction you’ll learn from this course will help you teach classes similar to the following classes we offer at Inversion: Restorative, Hot Yin Yang, Gentle Flow, Rope Wall, Yin Yang + Yoga Nidra. 

Daily Schedule:

7:00 – 8:00 Sadhana 

8:00 – 10:00 Practice

11:00 – 4:00 Session

+ Readings, homework, student practice teaching, recorded classes, and coursework required in addition to daily schedule. 


200 Hour Training Module $2,950 ($2,500 if enroll by 9/30) 

* Must complete all 200 hours for Training Credits. Training can be done in person or virtual; pricing is the same.

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